SeizingLet's draw some conclusions In imagination and thoughts of the boy at first there was no sensual perception of a sample optimum movements of swimming which it would reproduce.

Esthetic sense the conductor of optimum movements helped it to find those movements to which harmony is peculiar among a great number of others.

Seizing swimmin the boy created in itself a number of measures of esthetic senses in garmoniyahaos system.

Each such measure was relation reflection in system pleasure suffering to that occurred in its swimming.

Esthetic sense of harmony of movements was endured by the boy with the sheer pleasure.

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And when the will

And when the will Let's tell, the kid shows these lines in the relations with the grandmother, and with the grandfather complete mutual understanding; with the father war, and with mother cooperation is declared.

What the general in a whim and obstinacy Form of external expression aggression, cryin noise.

And when the will of the child is not executed, it gets to a stress condition, as exhausts energy.

The exhausted child is able to depressions.

Communication with adults is accompanied by full simptokompleks of hysterical reactions.

So, tears of children the first step to emergence at them undesirable to adult desires; the germ of a resistant habit to become the master over adults.

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Vykho that

Vykho that Differently, egoism growth results us in very big dependence on an environment.

Vykho that creating the correct environment in group of young people, we start to influence them and to change them.

This environment should correspond to those principles, which we dictate it.

By means of tutors we formiruy an environment from those girls, which as we told, come to us from the most different segments of the population we take ten girls also we suggest them to take part in any circle, in to game, in a campaign, walk and so on.


For what purposem And the purpose of these actions is formirovaniye of the general opinion which will influence on each of them.

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Specified Creativity joint activity of two or bigger number of people which together develop selfsufficient, selfvaluable and original works.

Specified types of communication bring to direct and collateral, direct and remote, but to positive consequences.

Efficiency of such communication depends on coherence external conditions of joint activity the purposes, tasks, organizational forms of communication etc.

; internal conditions soul conditions understandin compatibility of thinkin feelings, imagination, level of claims and a personality orientation.

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In this place

In this place Troubles of the surrounding scratch his soul, create and strengthen a discomfort condition.

What to it to do And he starts to act or huge efforts constrains itself, spending an energy large quantity.

In this place you, dear reader, should ask a question And from where this chicken knows, what such truth, good, beauty After all it has not enough experience and it did not end university courses of logic, ethics and an esthetics.

How it to understandQuestion interesting! Really, where those measures of truth, good and beauty which allow the adolescent to be guided by them rather preciselyProbably, somewhere inside For example, in a brain Or in heart No! He, all its being a measure of truth, good and beauty.

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